How a wood charcoal making machine converts wood to charcoal

Wood charcoal is widely used as a fuel for a number of industrial and domestic applications like heating of furnaces, equipment, for cooking purposes in barbecues and elsewhere. Wooden waste like tree branches, coconut shell, twigs, nut shells, sawdust, wooden pieces are produced in a number of applications. Instead of disposing of this waste material, it can be used to make charcoal using a Wood Charcoal Making Machine at a reasonable cost. The design of the machine and the process of converting the wood and other wood waste material into charcoal is discussed below.

Wood Charcoal Making Machine
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Shredding and drying the wood

Most of the wood used for making charcoal is coming from agricultural sources and other wood related industries like furniture making. The raw material is of different sizes, so to make the size uniform, it is first shredded, crushed and its size is reduced to a smaller size, depending on the size of charcoal required. The wood also has a high moisture content, so the wood material is dried to reduce the moisture levels in the wood. The dryer is located above the carbonization furnace and after the wooden chips are dried, they fall into the furnace for further processing. According to the suggestion from the professional engineer of Beston Malaysia Group, you must keep the water content of the feedstock at 20-25% before they can be carbonized.

Carbonization of the wood

The carbonization furnace will convert the wooden chips or raw materials into charcoal and other products using the process of pyrolysis. Though pyrolysis is mainly used on carbon based organic products, it can be also used on mixtures and is a thermochemical material processing method. In this the wooden material is heated at a very high temperature in the absence of air without oxygen, due to which the chemical and physical bonds in the wood will break and new molecules are formed. Many of the chemical bonds in the molecules which make up the wood, are breaking up when exposed to a high temperature. Except for original wood, wooden things like sawdust can also be carbonized. You can visit for more detailed information.

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During the pyrolysis of wood in the furnace, the new molecules which are formed usually have superior energy characteristics compared to the original molecules. Hence pyrolysis is used extensively for treatment of waste materials. Unlike combustion, which involves oxidation of the material, during pyrolysis there is no air present, so the processed material has a high energy value. In addition to the solid material , wood charcoal or bio-char which is produced, liquid materials like wood vinegar and gases which can be processed and used as a fuel gas. After the various products, are separated, they are cooled, so that they can be packed or reused.,

Fuel gas recycling

The equipment for recycling of the fuel gas produced by the carbonization process of wood can help in saving a lot of money in fuel costs. The fuel gas produced during pyrolysis of the wood has a high sulfur content, and hence it is important to remove the sulfur before using the gas for other applications. There is also a de dusting system with multiple filters for processing the fuel gas, so that it conforms to the energy standards. This fuel can be used for heating the carbonization furnace, ensuring that the fuel costs and running expenses of the furnace are lower.

Final product

One of the main advantages of investing in a machine for producing wood charcoal is that there is no waste material. All the products which are made can be sold, making it a profitable investment. The charcoal produced can be used for both commercial and domestic applications for heating and cooking, reducing the fuel expenses to a very great extent. The liquid wood vinegar is used for a number of applications like mosquito repellent, oil paint and pesticides. The gas from carbonization can be used for heating the carbonization furnace and other equipment, reducing the requirement for other fuels.

Ordering the machine

For ordering the wood chips charcoal making machine, the buyer will have to specify the raw material which he wishes to use since the machine will be designed accordingly. He will also have to specify the capacity of the machine required, based on the availability of the raw material. The machinery manufacturer will offer a quote for the machine based on the information provided. The size, energy requirement and output of the machine largely depends on the capacity of the machine, and larger machines will require more space for installation, and will consume more energy.

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