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Finding High-Quality Coconut Shell Charcoal Machinery

No business wants to waste money on poorly-manufactured machinery. If you are looking for coconut shell charcoal machinery, you are going to be searching for the best equipment in the marketplace. Outlined in this article are a few tips to help you find the best coconut charcoal making machine.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Research Qualified Machine

If you don’t have much technical knowledge when it comes to biochar machinery, it will be difficult for you to know which features to look out for when comparing different machine models. Therefore, it’s vital that you arm yourself with as much information about coconut shell to charcoal plant machines as you can. When you have in-depth knowledge about the biomass carbonization process, you will find it easier to know which equipment is worth the investment. Technical knowledge is certainly an asset when it comes to sourcing equipment for your coastal plant. Click to get qualified machine.

Choose Reputable Manufacturers

Paying attention to the reputation of different brands and manufacturers in the coconut shell charcoal machinery industry is important. You ideally want to buy equipment from one of the leading brands. When you order from a world-renowned manufacturer, you can avoid a lot of potential issues. For example, sourcing replacement parts in the event that your machinery develops a fault will be much easier when you own a machine from a leading brand.

Installation of BST-50 Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Plant
Installation of BST-50 Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Plant

If you don’t know who the most respected manufacturers are in the biochar plant industry, you need to start your research today. Beston Group is currently one of the most talked about manufacturers in the field, and they have a range of different models of charcoal production equipment for sale including the BST-05, BST-10, BST-20, and BST-30. The BST-30 has an hourly feeding capacity of 3000kg. Customers from around the world have purchased charcoal making machines from Beston Machinery including some in Russia, South America, Turkey, South Africa, Spain, and Australia. The manufacturer has a YouTube Channel where you can learn more about the different types of machines they produce.

Choose The Right Vendor/Supplier

Many people forget to think about vendors and suppliers when looking for coconut shell charcoal machinery from leading manufacturers. The reality is that unless you are ordering directly from the manufacturer, you are going to have to go through a vendor or supplier. You want to ensure you choose a supplier that has a great track record of selling high-quality machines at competitive prices. Furthermore, you need to look for suppliers that can process your palm shell charcoal machine order in a timely manner. Don’t rule out overseas vendors, as they often have much better prices on high-quality machinery. Just make sure you choose a supplier that offers great after-sales services.

There has never been a better time to invest in coconut shell charcoal machinery, as demand for charcoal and activated charcoal around the world remains high. In order to get the most profitable returns on your investment, however, you need to ensure you buy the right equipment. Hopefully, the tips presented in this article will help you to source the best biochar making machines for your plant. There is a reliable manufacturer for your reference: Bestongroup.

3 Tips for Buying a Charcoal Making Machine

Most people spend a lot of time looking for charcoal making machine. However, some of these people make mistakes, so they end up losing a lot of money. Once you decide to buy this charcoal making machine for sale Philippines, do not rush to buy it. Take your time, especially if you do not want to lose your hard earned money.

How do you buy a charcoal making machine? Buy it from a reputable local supplier. Buy it online. Buy it from reputable manufacturers. These are the best places for buying this machine. The most important thing is to buy this machine from a reputable seller.

Charcoal Making Machine for sale
Charcoal Making Machine for sale

The following are the best tips for buying this machine.

1. Buy it from a Local Supplier

If you have been in this industry for several years, you may know reputable local suppliers that sell the best machines. The best local suppliers have a good history. They have several years of experience. And they have the best customer service. Avoid local suppliers you do not know or trust.

Most of these local suppliers work with the best manufacturers. They import these machines from different manufacturers. Search for your favorite machine. Then, contact these local suppliers. Ask them if they have that machine. Some of them may have that machine. You can find high quality machine from Beston Group.

However, there are new local suppliers. You do not know anything about them. It is better to avoid them because you do not know the quality of their machines. Stick with reputable local suppliers because they have a proven track record. And they sell the best machines.

2. Buy it Online

You can also buy charcoal making machine online. However, finding a reputable online seller is hard, especially if you are buying this machine for the first time. Take your time when looking for an online seller. Do not pick the first online seller you will come across.

How do you pick the right online seller? Read their customer reviews. Most of these online stores allow their customers to leave their reviews. If you want to know the quality of their charcoal making machines, you just read the reviews of these machines.

The best online stores have good reviews. They have several payments options. And they import to several countries. By the way, do not forget to check their shipping cost and their handling cost. These costs can add up. Buy this machine from an online store that has affordable prices.

Charcoal Making Plant For Delivery
Charcoal Making Plant For Delivery

3. Buy it from a Reputable Manufacturer

Look for reputable manufacturers. Why? They sell quality machines. And they have a good history. In fact, a lot of people and companies use their machines. These machines are affordable. And they are easy and cheap to maintain. But make sure the manufacturer exports its machines to your country.

Once you find the best manufacturers, contact them, especially if you find it hard to import their coconut shell charcoal making machine for sale. Ask them if they work with local suppliers in your country. They will give you the names of these suppliers. You just buy this machine through this supplier. They will help you import it.

You now know how to buy charcoal making machine.

How a wood charcoal making machine converts wood to charcoal

Wood charcoal is widely used as a fuel for a number of industrial and domestic applications like heating of furnaces, equipment, for cooking purposes in barbecues and elsewhere. Wooden waste like tree branches, coconut shell, twigs, nut shells, sawdust, wooden pieces are produced in a number of applications. Instead of disposing of this waste material, it can be used to make charcoal using a Wood Charcoal Making Machine at a reasonable cost. The design of the machine and the process of converting the wood and other wood waste material into charcoal is discussed below.

Wood Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Wood Charcoal Machine for Sale

Shredding and drying the wood

Most of the wood used for making charcoal is coming from agricultural sources and other wood related industries like furniture making. The raw material is of different sizes, so to make the size uniform, it is first shredded, crushed and its size is reduced to a smaller size, depending on the size of charcoal required. The wood also has a high moisture content, so the wood material is dried to reduce the moisture levels in the wood. The dryer is located above the carbonization furnace and after the wooden chips are dried, they fall into the furnace for further processing. According to the suggestion from the professional engineer of Beston Malaysia Group, you must keep the water content of the feedstock at 20-25% before they can be carbonized.

Carbonization of the wood

The carbonization furnace will convert the wooden chips or raw materials into charcoal and other products using the process of pyrolysis. Though pyrolysis is mainly used on carbon based organic products, it can be also used on mixtures and is a thermochemical material processing method. In this the wooden material is heated at a very high temperature in the absence of air without oxygen, due to which the chemical and physical bonds in the wood will break and new molecules are formed. Many of the chemical bonds in the molecules which make up the wood, are breaking up when exposed to a high temperature. Except for original wood, wooden things like sawdust can also be carbonized. You can visit for more detailed information.

Charcoal Machine for Sale
Charcoal Making Machine


During the pyrolysis of wood in the furnace, the new molecules which are formed usually have superior energy characteristics compared to the original molecules. Hence pyrolysis is used extensively for treatment of waste materials. Unlike combustion, which involves oxidation of the material, during pyrolysis there is no air present, so the processed material has a high energy value. In addition to the solid material , wood charcoal or bio-char which is produced, liquid materials like wood vinegar and gases which can be processed and used as a fuel gas. After the various products, are separated, they are cooled, so that they can be packed or reused.,

Fuel gas recycling

The equipment for recycling of the fuel gas produced by the carbonization process of wood can help in saving a lot of money in fuel costs. The fuel gas produced during pyrolysis of the wood has a high sulfur content, and hence it is important to remove the sulfur before using the gas for other applications. There is also a de dusting system with multiple filters for processing the fuel gas, so that it conforms to the energy standards. This fuel can be used for heating the carbonization furnace, ensuring that the fuel costs and running expenses of the furnace are lower.

Final product

One of the main advantages of investing in a machine for producing wood charcoal is that there is no waste material. All the products which are made can be sold, making it a profitable investment. The charcoal produced can be used for both commercial and domestic applications for heating and cooking, reducing the fuel expenses to a very great extent. The liquid wood vinegar is used for a number of applications like mosquito repellent, oil paint and pesticides. The gas from carbonization can be used for heating the carbonization furnace and other equipment, reducing the requirement for other fuels.

Ordering the machine

For ordering the wood chips charcoal making machine, the buyer will have to specify the raw material which he wishes to use since the machine will be designed accordingly. He will also have to specify the capacity of the machine required, based on the availability of the raw material. The machinery manufacturer will offer a quote for the machine based on the information provided. The size, energy requirement and output of the machine largely depends on the capacity of the machine, and larger machines will require more space for installation, and will consume more energy.

How To Get An Accurate Charcoal Making Machine Cost Estimate

If you go and approach a number of different suppliers and manufacturers of charcoal making machines, you’ll get a huge variance in quotes. This is because the market for these machines is quite unpredictable and it takes a long time for these businesses to adjust their prices to something that is competitive. A lot of businesses that are looking to buy this type of charcoal production plant often make the mistake of going with the first supplier that they get a quote from. This is bad because prices vary significantly, thus here’s how to get an accurate charcoal making machine cost estimate.

Beston Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to Uzbekistan
Beston Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to Uzbekistan

Whenever I’m looking to get the most accurate estimate possible, I try and get as big a sample of quotes as possible. I go ahead and contact as many different businesses that sell carbonizing furnace within my country and get relevant quotes from them. From there, I like to compile all of these quotes and put it into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will allow me to input all of the quotes and then perform a number of calculations so that I can get reliable estimate metrics. This site will provide you with specific information, including models, working process, cost, etc.

The problem that many people face when purchasing these machines is judging whether or not the price that they are being quoted is reasonable or not. As mentioned, because the market for charcoal making machines isn’t as fluid as other machines, the market prices have huge variances which can lead to businesses vastly overpaying for a particular machine. This is bad because not only does it mean that the business will have to make a larger than required capital expenditure, but it also means that the machines won’t be able to be sold for a price anywhere near that of what it was purchased for.

Hence, I always recommend that whenever I business is thinking of acquiring charcoal making machines, that they follow my process. My process is simply getting as many quotes as possible than getting an average from these quotes to get a reliable benchmark to compare prices that may be asked for a particular machine. I like to have a benchmark created from the average of all the quotes that I have compiled so that I am able to quickly tell whether or not the price I have been given is either close to the average or nowhere near the average. Besides, the wood charcoal making machine is also popular in international market.

As you may imagine, once you’ve compiled the data and gotten a charcoal making machine cost estimate, you should go and find the quote with the lowest asking amount. This way, you can safely be sure that you are purchasing the machine for a cost that is significantly lower than all of the other businesses selling the machine in the current market. Do you wonder the palm kernel shell charcoal machine price?

BST-50 Charcoal Making Equipment Was Assembled in Turkey
BST-50 Charcoal Making Equipment Was Assembled in Turkey

Hence, there are tremendous benefits to getting a charcoal business cost estimate using my method. Thanks to my method, I have always been able to secure the lowest and most reasonable prices for any charcoal machine that I have been tasked with procuring by management. By simply taking the time to gather quotes, you’ll quickly be able to find the best deal for these machines.

Do you need some experienced and professional manufacturer of charcoal production equipment? Actually, we do know one: Beston Group ( You can get free quote and some guidance from Beston. Welcome your coming.

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