Introduction to An Effective Waste Management Solution – Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Beston Machinery is a leading manufacturer of waste recycling plants globally. The machines are used in recycling tyres into oil which can be utilized as a substitute to furnace oil or industrial diesel in industries. We combine our expertise, experience, and technology to develop and distribute state of the art waste recycling equipment to mitigate the waste problem globally. This is as a result of the good understanding of the impact of pollution on climate change. Pollution also predisposes the global population to health issues such as respiratory diseases and thus the need for waste management systems, such as the tyre pyrolysis plant.

Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to Canada
Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to Canada

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

The tyre pyrolysis machine which is also referred to tyre to oil machine, which is an advanced machine that is used in recycling tires into oil among other by-products such as carbon black, oil gas, and steel wire. Our advanced waste pyrolysis machines can also be used in recycling waste rubber and plastics into oil. The raw materials are heated in a reactor until they vaporize. The vapor then travels to the condenser where it is liquified into liquid fuel which is a good source of industrial energy.

Condenser Technology

Our tire to oil machine has a state of the art horizontal condensation system which ensures even the lightest gas is liquified into oil and collected into the oil tank. besides, any gases which are not condensed are used as a source of fuel in the pyrolysis making the machines more effective and efficient. This is likely to increase revenue as more oil is collected and revenue gained.

Three-to-One Oil Condensing System
Three-to-One Condensing System

Advanced Heating Technology

The heating system is significantly different from traditional heating systems such as the wind heating structure which though offering a longer service life of furnace provides a very slow heating speed. The traditionally faster heating direct fired heating also had challenges due to the short service life of reactor which traditionally reducing revenue. consequently, Beston Machinery tire to oil machine has addressed these challenges by employing an advanced heating system which has a longer service life as well as very fast heating. This increases efficiency and productivity.

Versatility of Pyrolysis Machines

We also offer flexibility as our waste pyrolysis machine can be divided into three distinct patterns, batch tyre pyrolysis, semi-continuous machine, and fully continuous machines. The multiple designs ensure the machine meets the investor’s needs and reduce the costs of the machines as one only purchases a machine that fits their needs.

Advanced Control System

We have also developed an advanced PLC control system which can be modified according to various investors needs while ensuring thorough intelligent operation. This facilitates easier standardization and internationalization as products meet the needs of different customers while also offering greater choice.

Advanced Dedusting System

The tyre to oil machine from Beston Machinery has been installed with state of the art dedusting system to remove sulfur components. This eliminates emissions and is therefore safe to both the operators as well as other members of the community as there are no odors, smoke and offers environmental protection.

Wide Application of Tyre Oil

The pyrolysis oil uses include in industries such as in the construction heating, cement factory, boiler factory, hotel heating, steel factory. The tyre oil, therefore, offers a renewable alternative fuel which is more affordable.

Professional Team

Our large team of experts in various engineering operations is also at hand to guide the installation and use of the tyre recycling machines and will guide you on which model will suit you best. Besides, we offer free training on the operations of the machine and are at hand to provide any modifications, maintenance, etc. You are, however, guaranteed to enjoy a quick return on investment from tire to oil machine from Beston Machinery.

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